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Monday, September 16, 2019


It is my sincere belief that two words are the main impetus behind your specifically accomplishing your definitive result and your WHY in Life. These two words are the most dominant words that you can and will ever address yourself about any circumstance - "CAN" and "CAN'T" As I've said ordinarily, "CAN" is an expression of intensity; while, "CAN'T" is an expression of retreat. 
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You can choose if you wish to ACHIEVE or RETREAT, since when you talk triumph words, for example, "I CAN", you will accomplish whatever you set out to do paying little mind to what others are stating to you. There are numerous well-known business visionaries on the planet, for example, Ray Kroc, Fred Astaire, Walt Disney, and Dick Clark. I can authenticate the way that if you talked with every one of them exclusively, they would reveal to you that in the start of their voyage most of the individuals let them know - you CAN'T do that! Luckily, they dismissed these announcements and tuned in to their internal voice, who stated, "Gracious yes I CAN!" 

The key in life is to understand the most notable individual who addresses you consistently is you within! You have to audit your WHY in Life and check whether you are on track toward accomplishing your WHY, or are you on a bypass since somebody let you as an individual mentality developer, you have to address your internal individual and state to yourself, "Today I will take another beneficial walk!" 

Every morning, I envision myself winning. My own result for every day is to manufacture a network of individuals who we can move and rouse we all to improve the world a spot where to live. I need to concede if it was not for my internal individual saying, "John you CAN do it! YOU CAN do it!" I may not be in the situation of progress that I am today. A few days it is as yet troublesome, yet think about what - we ARE doing it! 

I am by and by glad and keen to the individuals who have gotten down to business and made individual commitments of ability and time and when consolidated have made an engaged group at the Di Lemme Development Group - a group that continues constructing every day! 

In synopsis, you have to ask yourself a legitimate inquiry, "Am I tuning in to my triumph words from within or am allowing the to external destruction (washout) words control my result throughout everyday life?". 

Discover Your Why and Fly, 

John Di Lemme 

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