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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Learning If All You Have Is A Hammer Everything Starts To Look Like A Nail Is Not Difficult At All! You Just Need A Great Teacher!

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We were watching the film Mulholland Drive yesterday and it abruptly hit us like an electrical jolt. How frequently we misdiagnose a circumstance. How frequently we carry on a way not realizing that our presumption has taken us miles off-kilter. 

It resembles playing golf and just realizing how to utilize three clubs and utilizing them in each circumstance. 

It resembles glancing through a camera long range focal point rather than a wide edge. 

It resembles aimlessly following another's assessment. 

The truth of the matter is that a large portion of our lives is spent reusing the data gathered in our developmental years. Subsequently, when anything new enters our field we quickly go to the past to attempt to understand it. 

The result is: we each live a hallucination. We each observe our reality through some actually intensely tinted scenes. We each go about as if we are a mallet and everything that comes before us is a nail. 

The issue is. IT DOESN'T WORK. 

We were flabbergasted how effectively we fell into the snare. How effectively we translated what was going on before our eyes and made it sensible. How effectively we looked for the conclusion. 

To make us agreeable we needed to place things into an agreeable classification. We needed to put happenings in a case similarly a bookkeeper codes books for simple access. Ok! That goes in the family box. That is inconsiderate conduct. That is unsatisfactory in broad daylight. That shows he is uneducated and so on and so on and so on… 

Indeed, you could contend that this type of coding is significant in life since it causes us to overcome life rapidly. 

Be that as it may!!! 

For what reason do we like to place ourselves as well as other people into 'mental boxes'? What is it about us that we like to state we are this sort of individual or that? For what reason would we like to confine ourselves? For what reason would we like to undercut ourselves? 

It resembles being a craftsman who just has a sled in his tool kit. We are limiting ourselves to excess. Simply envision how limiting it would be if you just had a mallet in your tool kit? How might you get enthusiastic about anything if all you are equipped for is thumping the minds out of any data that comes to your direction? 

How would you discover what you were brought onto this planet to do if everything you can do is react similarly to whatever is placed before you? 

How would you create and develop your kids if all they see is a similar conduct independent of the issue presented? 

How would you adapt to the situation of our general public if everything you do is apply a similar thinking even though it doesn't fit? 

As Howard Schatz. The well known New York move picture taker expressed in one of his books: 

"I told every artist that when it was simple, it had presumably been finished 

previously, presumably commonly. I clarified that lone when it was so difficult 

that it was almost unthinkable were we maybe near getting something 

interesting and unprecedented." 

Is this why we like to sort circumstances and individuals? We really don't care for diligent work. 

Is it that we don't care for the weight of being our actual selves? Since to do that we need to stick out? 

Is it that we can't adapt to being novel and exceptional, so we simply need to be comparative and conventional? 

Is it that we fear who we maybe? It is safe to say that we are anxious about the possibility that that we can be effective? Apprehensive that on the off chance that we admit to ourselves that we have the ability we may need to accomplish something with our lives? 

Is it that we would prefer truly not to discover who we truly are and what we are prepared to do? 

We don't think about you however we need to be exceptional, we need to discover and utilize our uniqueness. We need to be satisfied. We need to discover our vitality source that is discharged when we are doing what we are proposed to do. We need to be in the stream, as certain authors portray it. 

We have arrived at understanding that what prevents us from being in the stream constantly. What prevents us from discharging our energy. What prevents us from carrying on normally. What makes us squander vitality. 


Dread keeps us setting individuals and circumstances into classes. 

Dread prevents us from driving ourselves. 

Dread prevents us from relinquishing the past. 

Dread keeps our ongoing examples set up. 

Being terrified and feeling second best prevent us from discovering our actual selves. 

Dread covers the normal me. 

"An artist must make music, and craftsmen must paint, 

an artist must compose, on the off chance that he is to be at last content with himself. 

What a man can be, he should be" 


Shouldn't something be said about you? 

Good Luck

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