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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Self-Growth: Building Character And Integrity

It's been said that character is characterized by what you do when you think nobody is viewing. What an enlightening idea that is. 

The greater part of us has an open face and a private face. There are portions of ourselves we don't need the world to see. Commonly, we will, in general, conceal the perspectives that would not be seen positively by society. Covetousness, desire, envy, triviality, dread, etc. We additionally will, in general, conceal our shortcomings. Nobody has to realize that we can wolf down a gallon of frozen yogurt in 60 minutes, isn't that right? ;- ) 

I think the vast majority are "great" at their center; average, adoring, merciful and kind. Be that as it may, even those we see to be great individuals are fit for unspeakable acts. How frequently have you heard a sentenced killer's relative or companion say, "I can't accept he would be fit for something to that effect. It's so not normal for him." The executioner anticipated one personality to the world, while furtively he was another person altogether. 

Alright, the vast majority of us are not killers. However, even those of us who might be considered "great individuals" regularly barely care about taking, undermining our life partners, or more terrible. What does that say about our character? Is it wrong just if we get captured? 

How often have you accomplished something that you most likely wouldn't have done if others had been there to see it? OK feel humiliated if these things were brought to open mindfulness? Did you follow up on your motivations simply because you felt sure nobody could ever discover? 

I've been contemplating the idea of "transgression" of late. What is sin precisely? In the Christian religion, sin alludes to that which disappoints (or shames) God. The Ten Commandments caution us against infidelity, burglary, murder and the sky is the limit from there. As far as anyone knows whether you pursue that rundown, you will stay in God's great graces. 

In some earth religions, there is just a single rule: Harm None; which fundamentally covers all edges in two words. Do nothing that would make hurt yourself or another. Appears to be basic enough. 

However, in both of these models, there are hazy areas, aren't there? Here and there it's difficult to determine what's set in stone. On the off chance that we discover cash in the city and lift it up, is that taking? Does it have any kind of effect on the off chance that it was $5.00 or $500.00? On the off chance that we lie to secure somebody's emotions, is that off-base? If we take some paper clasps home from the workplace, is that taking? Does it "hurt" the organization, truly? If we play with somebody other than our mate, or fantasize about them, is that bamboozling? Or then again is tricking just the physical demonstration of sex? 

In circumstances like these, how would we know the correct game-plan? How would we offset trustworthiness with our driving forces and wants? I figure it can analyze your thought processes and the potential outcomes. What is your expectation in this circumstance? What do you plan to pick up from it? Could your activities hurt another, or yourself? On the off chance that your activities ended up open information, OK approve of that? 

Perhaps some of you are feigning exacerbation at me at the present time, thinking, "What's the major ordeal? So consider the possibility that I take a couple of things from work, or undermine my better half. This shouldn't be a big issue for them." That might be valid, however, doesn't it harmed you over the long haul? Don't those activities take away from the sort of individual you are? Don't they diminish your inward light? On the off chance that the facts confirm that we are altogether associated, at that point would it say it isn't likewise obvious that hurting another method hurting ourselves? By slighting others, we affront ourselves and God. 

By and by, I don't accept that God is furious and judgmental, sitting up in the mists standing by to cast us into the pits of Hell for our offenses. I do accept there will be a last "audit" of our lives, and we should respond in due order regarding the things we've done. Be that as it may, I figure we will be our own judges. In the most profound piece of ourselves, we know directly from wrong. 

We're not impeccable, and nobody is anticipating that we should be. We as a whole commit errors and do things we are later embarrassed about. We are human, all things considered. Be that as it may, there is a major contrast between committing an error, and deliberately accomplishing something we know isn't right. We may attempt to trick ourselves on occasion and legitimize our activities. Perhaps your significant other doesn't focus on you, so you attempt to persuade yourself that it's alright to have an unsanctioned romance with a man who does. Or on the other hand, your boss gives you a horrible raise, so you choose to compensate for it in different manners, such as taking supplies or fudging your timesheet. They requested it, isn't that so? You surely reserve the privilege to do these things, and most likely nobody will stop you. Our most noteworthy blessing in life is Free Will. Sadly, it is likewise frequently our most prominent revile. There are consistent results in our activities, regardless of whether they come now or later. 

At last, it's every one of the matters of individual responsibility. Would we like to be an individual of character, or not? It doesn't make a difference if we get captured or not. What is important is that we are characterized by our activities. On the off chance that I take something that doesn't have a place with me, I am a criminal. On the off chance that I undermine my life partner, I am an adulteress. If I would prefer not to get captured, I most likely shouldn't do these things in any case. Reality has a method for making itself known.

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